We Know What You Need

Basics is Best

Having a lot of restaurant services in town is great but having one that knows just what you need is something else. We know that you've tried and even liked lot of fancy food out here. We know, because we did, too. We are just too adventurous and honest not to.

But after each dining sortie, we always return to the basics. No matter how hard our tongues tried to be as exquisitely discriminating as they can, they always crave for the food that delighted them when they were young. When fun was fun. And when food was — well — food.

Who knows, maybe because we have honed our culinary tastes so much by nibbling at all the fare from plush downtown restaurants to the hip cafe just around the corner, our tongues suddenly reverted back to their preternatural state and naturally craved for the very essence of "delicious."

What's on the Menu?

Tender chicken fried in healthy olive oil. Mac & cheese baked just right to relaxaway the afternoon blues. Sage-dashed fish fillet steamed just the way thousands of mothers did to bring out hungry smiles from their little ones. And yard-grilled pork barbecue to lend a sense of stability in a world that has come to re-transform itself every second.

Finding Fun in Outdoor dining

This we know is true. It's fun frolicking in the rain, but there will be a point when you will seek shelter. You will need comfort. Comfort food is what we are.

It's exciting to plunge into the great outdoors with our outdoor dining. Alas, we wouldn't be here if we didn't. But perhaps like people, palates also need something to return to. You can call it roots. Or memory. Or home.

We call it We're the basics with a bang.Visit our brick-and-mortar kitchens around the world and let us make you feel genuinely delighted. Or visit for home deliveries. Talk to our staff. They know what you need.

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